Have you guys heard about Kenwood Elementary’s Makerspace? It is an amazing school resource (located in room 111) that is used to create, invent, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.

In order to make our Kenwood Makerspace a success, we need your help! Outside the Makerspace room, there is a “Giving Tree” on things the school needs donated for the Makerspace.

Here is what the Giving Tree said this morning:


1) Read the leaves on our Kenwood Giving Tree.
2) Pick a leaf or two that has item(s) on there you can donate to our school and take it with you.
3) Bring back the items to your classroom teacher and tell them it is for the Makerspace.

air-dry clay
balsa wood Pieces
black acrylic paint
brown acrylic paint
colored pencils
construction paper
copper tape
duct tape (solid color or pattern)
electrical tape
foam paint brushes
glue sticks
masking tape
mod podge
nails (various sizes)
pack of permanent markers
paint brush
permanent markers
planks (Brain Builders)
red acrylic paint
sewing machine
string (any color/length)
trifold poster board
white acrylic paint
wooden dowels
wood screws