Box Tops for Education


Each year we set a goal of at least $1,000 through the Box Tops for Education Program and each year we need your help to attain it. For each box top label that we send it, we receive $0.10. Of course, we can make much more, the limit is $20,000 but we want to first reach the goal.

A list of participating Box Tops products can be found here.

Also, we invite you to joining the Box Tops for Education Program and select Kenwood Elementary as your school. That way you can keep track of our progress and enter contests that could help us win more Box Tops.

We like the students to get involved in the fundraising efforts via Box Tops as well. Therefore,  we have contests for the students to work  together to bring in Box Tops during a contest period. The top three classes that bring in Box Tops get rewarded with a party.

It’s a fun experience and the kids like it.



Submission Information

Sample Box Tops look like this:


Clip the Box Top coupon and store them in a plastic baggie. You can send them to school with your child. Please make sure to include your child’s name/teacher’s name on the bag so that correct class will receive credit.


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