There are many ways to donate to the PTA or even directly to our teachers.

You can donate to us directly via PayPal:

Alternatively, you can participate in our various fundraising activities by going to our event or fundraiser’s page:

You can also donate to some of our teacher’s special projects.

Here is a current list of donation needs:

Donate to the Makerspace

The Makerspace, which is in the back of room 111, is in need of some items. Please keep these needs in mind if your New Year’s resolution is to clean out your garage or as you receive new gifts and need a place to donate your old items. Or if you are garage sale lover!

Tools – hammers, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches, nails, screws, bolts and nuts, vises, etc.

Workbench – doesn’t need to be big, just a space where the students can use the tools.

Shelving – as we gather more and more supplies we have recognized the need to better organize and display everything so the students have an easier time using this space.

Tubs (or baskets) – to go on our new shelves! Clear would be ideal but we won’t be picky!

Up-cycling items – bottle or jar lids, beads, magazines, shoe boxes, cardboard pieces, empty containers, bubble wrap, poster board, wrapping paper tubes, yarn, etc.

Basically, if you have ever gone to toss something in the garbage or the recycling and said “I bet someone could do something with this” but didn’t know where to take it…..bring it to us! My own family sorts our recycling – one for the Makerspace and one for regular recycling. My husband has started to ask me why I KEEP bringing stuff and it’s because the students are using them and we need more!

We have just begun to develop this amazing resource for our school. Thank you for reading this and any time you will put into adding to our Makerspace so our students can use it even more!

Kära Tanaka (
Enrichment Specialist